Are Coupons Hurting Your Business?

We can never rule out the positives that have been made by traditional methods of doing things. The traditional marketing methods, as well as the paper coupons, can therefore also never be ruled out. This is because they are the precursors of what we are now seeing on the internet and have therefore played a very key role in improving the internet technology. Online coupons are available and have been designed by merchants for the purposes of promoting either online or offline products. However, there are several setbacks of having online coupons for offline businesses.

Online coupons if not specially made to be in code form and only redeemable once can be misused. A coupon ought to be a valuable mutual agreement between a merchant and his customers. The aim of the coupon is to attract and retain customers and at the same time making profits on the side of the merchant. Coupons designed in page form on your web site may lose its value if it is made in a printable form. A customer can misuse it by always reprinting it whenever he wants to purchase goods hence. The problem is when he gets used to; he won’t give the discounts that seriousness that you were aiming for. It is therefore very important for you to design your coupon well in a way that they can be redeemed the fewest times possible.

Coupons that are online many are available for a longer time in comparison to the traditional ones. This is another reason as to why online coupons may not just serve the purpose it ought to have served. If the coupons stay for so long, there is always a feeling of no urgency on the side of the customer. They feel that they will still have it when they are ready to purchase your goods. This may have no positive impact on the side of the merchant since their core desire is to see that their goods are fast moving. A relaxed atmosphere may lead the potential customers to not even come to buy the products in the first place.

The coupons promotional value is to cause urgency in the mind of the customers. Unlike in the case of newspaper where you can only get one coupon on a newspaper and use it as soon as the coupon has not expired. The online coupons make you postpone printing it and maybe forget about the coupon ultimately. This is seen with – promotional code for many products. The online one can also only benefit a few individuals on several occasions, unlike the traditional one that benefits several people only a limited number of times.

The traditional coupons are always brought to the attention of the customers in a more public manner. They are placed in newspapers and other places that can easily be reached by new customers. This is unlike the case of the online coupons. You have to look for them instead of them “looking for you.” This makes it only a preserve of the coupon fanatics who may in a real sense be the group of people you are not targeting. There may be no new customer coming across your coupons hence you achieve not your goal. The push system of getting coupons to the people is a more strategic way of an advertisement than the pull method used to market the coupons online.

Some of the above-mentioned problems can well be solved if some measures are put in place. To solve the pull problem, you are advised to send coupons to the emails of your selected group of customers. When purchasing goods, you can ask your customers to leave their details including their email addresses. Your technical team can thenceforth work out on a target group and send them coupons on their emails. These can be first-time customers you yearn to retain or customers who buy a lot of products, and you just think it wise to boost their spirit.

E mails will also solve the problem of multiple printing. Not all the coupons sent through the email can solve this problem but those that have distinct codes. You can send uniquely coded coupons to every email making the code only redeemable once.

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